Horsemen's Pride Horse Pas-a-Fier Stall Toy for Horses

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The "Pas-a-Fier" Stall Toy is designed to "Pacify" your horse during stall time. This super durable stall boredom toy has a rotating device that allows your horse to interact with the "Pas-a-Fier" and massage its gums for hours. Designed to be mounted in the corner of a stall (all mounting hardware included), the Pas-a- Fier is made with an innovative apple scented polymer for extra strength and durability. Proudly Made in the USA by Horsemen's Pride. Horsemen’s Pride Inc. knows the importance of the bond between horse and owner. A horse is a member of the family, another belly to keep full, another heart to love. This is why Horsemen’s Pride Inc. manufactures quality horse supplies designed to enrich and care for your horse. Founded in 1976, Horsemen’s Pride started as a manufacturer of top buckets and feeders, made to withstand the rigors of everyday use in all climates and conditions. Today, we manufacture horse toys, stall snacks, tack boxes, as well as buckets and feeders. We are proud to offer items that enrich the life of your horse.

  • Spinning toy for horses - relieves boredom
  • Mounts in corner of horse's stall
  • Helps prevent boredom that leads to destructive chewing and cribbing
  • Raised nubs on surface of toy massage your horse's gums
  • 4" diameter x 9-1/2" long.
  • Mounting hardware included