HOW TO BLOG: Start A Blog for Profit. Make Money Blogging with many Strategies and Start a Profitable Blog to Build a Passive Income Business

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There are tens of thousands of blogs created every day online. Most of these blogs are merely hobbies or personal diaries of the people who create them. For some blogging is merely a creative outlet to express their inner thoughts or to simply broadcast their opinions to their audience. For others, blogging is a vehicle for building a business and continuing to do what they love while having control over their destiny.

This is the reason I developed an interest in blogging, to create content people love and to build on something that I have full control over while being able to work anywhere in the world.

Blogging is not something that just about anyone can do. Sure, we can all create a webpage, throw up and blog and start posting to our heart's content, but that is no guarantee it will be successful, whether you count success as having a large following or making an income to support yourself with.

Blogging takes incredible persistence and determination, without these your blog will be neglected and fall back in line with the majority that can never make any money. Treat your blog as a successful business and have a clear vision of the goals you have in mind to take it to the top.

Here are some of the chapters covered in this guide:

  • Getting started
  • Position your blog as a voice of authority
  • Outsource to build a blogging team
  • Creating a lead magnet
  • The dashboard
  • Customizing your website’s appearance
  • Blog monetization – digital products (ebooks)
  • Monetizing through sponsored posts
  • Website flipping
  • Listicle blogging
  • How to build an email list
  • Guest blogging
  • Types of content that can sky-rocket your blog traffic
  • Best blogging resources
  • Common mistakes… AND MORE!!!

This book was designed to help you develop a greater understanding of how blogging can be a serious business that can help you earn serious income. If you want to generate six-figure income through blogging, this book can help you do that.

Remember, the process of generating a profitable blog is not an art, it’s a science. There are specific strategies that can be enforced and things that you must consider to generate the income you desire. Should you follow these steps, however, then it should be easy and feasible for you to generate six figures or more every single year from your blog.

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